VINCENT Baker I am proud to be part of the great team, BBROOD Uganda. I love baking healthy breads and the pastries.
SIMON PETER Baker BBROOD Uganda has been one of the leading companies in East Africa, it has promoted skills and knowledge through various ways and with its unique artisan breads it makes the most healthy and tasty breads.
BARBARA Initiator  I feel honoured to be one of the initiators of Brood Uganda. Quality and Healthy products is what we provide since 2011. 
ISAAC Baker Great team, great products. The idea of freshly baked products everyday without additives and preservatives is the best!
JACKIE Sales I love selling and talking to customers about how healthy and tasty the BBROOD products are.. It always gives me a smile. 
FARIDAH Sales Telling customers how healthy and nutritious multigrain bread, whole wheat, rye, mais & spelt bread are is my joy. I love a healthy life and sourdough is all I recommend. 
SHARIF Barista Our fresh juices, teas and coffees accompanied by healthy breads, snacks and pastries is what you just cannot miss. I love working with BBROOD Uganda.
EMMANUEL Driver Daily delivery is what I do from Monday to Sunday, place your order for healthy products and you have it delivered to your destination right away.
HERBERT Baker BBROOD bakes its products fresh everyday, all the returns are sent to charities the next day to help the needy. I love working with BBROOD.
JOHN Baker Fresh, healthy and tasty products is what I bake everyday. These are unique products which have no additives, no preservatives and they are baked with great passion and enough time. 
MOSES Baker BBROOD Uganda has a great idea of producing great products. BBROOD has trained its bakers the art producing healthy breads from BBROOD Netherlands this offers great opportunities for skill building. 
RONALD Baker I love working at BBROOD uganda, it offers unique products which you can only find at BBROOD.